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The Power of Strattic.


Setting up your website on Strattic is a snap. And once it's up and running, your site will be snappy too.


Keep using the content management system (CMS) you know and love. No need to learn new systems or software.


You know what static sites don't have? Logins that can be brute forced, or databases that can be cross-site-scripted. Hackers, move along. There's nothing for you to see here.


Your site got featured on Reddit? Instead of cringing and praying your server stays alive, you can rejoice and relax since our static servers have got you covered in all traffic situations. 

Staging area

Making changes on a live site is not best practice. With Strattic, you can edit your site privately on the staging area, and once everything's in place, just click Publish and voilà! It's live.


Git, WP-CLI, free HTTPS, automated backups and rollbacks, global network of CDN locations for accelerated content delivery. We know what you need, and we've got you covered.

Agency features

Being agency people ourselves, we get what you need: white label, client permissions, client reporting, and more are all on our roadmap.

We're Open Source experts

We have contributed to WordPress core, developed plugins, built hundreds of websites, organized 5 WordCamps, and are overall web enthusiasts. 

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Our first 100 customers will get 3 months of Strattic for free.

Being early adopters ourselves, we appreciate the value of the people who are willing to give new products a chance. It's win-win: you get to use an awesome product, and we get your feedback to help us make it better.